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Monthly Meetings

Meetings take place on the second Wednesday of each month. Around forty members attend the monthly meetings and a majority then go for lunch at a nearby restaurant. This is optional, but many members find it an excellent opportunity to get to know others better and together attempt to set the world to rights!



Below is our 2024 - 25 Programme which gives a flavour of our monthly events


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Previous Speakers

This is just to give you some idea of the range of speakers and the broad content they cover

The October 2020 meeting had Peak District Archivist Tim Knebel giving us an illustrated talk on the visitors to Lady Bower House, Derwent Woodlands, Derbyshire.

The country residence of Arthur Wightman (1842-1924) a prominent solicitor and public notary in Sheffield.

Visitors to Lady Bower House signed the Visitors Book as they came and went and the survival and archiving of this Visitors Book gives us an insight into the ‘great and good’ of Sheffield who visited the Wightman family. Among them were solicitors, clergymen, and steel industry magnates many of whom became benefactors to the city’s people giving them: hospitals, parks, art galleries and libraries, etc.

photo of tim with his sister

Photo: Tim Knebel with his sister Holly a High Peak Journalist

photo david templeman

The September 2020 meeting had local historian, David Templeman, talking about the unusually large Sheffield Deer Park. His talk included the history of Sheffield back to the days of its great castle and showed where the deer park was using modern maps. A fascinating look back at how important Sheffield was in those days.

The August 2020 meeting had well-known BBC sports reporter and commentator Peter Slater give a highly amusing talk- “Don’t You Know Who I Am?”. This included interviews with people such as Muhammad Ali, Brian Clough, Alex Ferguson and Damon Hill.

He left the BBC in 2012, but continues to cover Premier League and Championship matches for Radio 5Live and Final Score on BBC TV. His recently published book, “Don’t You Know Who I Am” (35 years being ignored by sports rich and famous) details much of what has been a varied and rewarding career.

photo peter slater
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The July 2020 meeting - Our first Zoom meeting had an 'in house' presentation by Fred Dewhurst on the rise of Trade Unions in Sheffield – “The Sheffield Outrages”.

Andrew Raftery, retired Consultant Surgeon, whose presentation was entitled “Theatre to Theatre”.   With the aid of a desk-top publisher and a very impressive narrative, he described his early youth and his not too impressive early educational achievements.   He said that he was born on the 29th June 1943, and sometime during  his early years  at school he had suggested to his dad, that he may like, one day, to try his hand at becoming a stage actor. To which his father had responded by saying that no son of his would be taking that path. He now proudly possesses an Equity card for his paid acting skills.

photo andrew raftery